Private Practice hub

PPH: help for therapists. If you’re just starting out, or even if you have an established practice and wouldn’t mind a bit of guidance, Private Practice Hub is the place to go! Here’s a link to their website and some more information about them:

Thinking about setting up a private practice? Looking to expand an existing business? Want more clients and higher quality referrals?

Private Practice Hub has the resources, advice and solutions you need to be successful. We have one question for you: what do you need help with?

Paperwork? Our in-depth Administration advice covers choosing where to work, how to manage your paperwork, insurance and office equipment.

Employment? Our Human Resources section looks at a wide range of issues, including organising and maintaining your CPD, self-care, and employing extra help.

Paying the bills? Our Finance section has got you covered with information on how to set your rates, the importance of good record-keeping and whether you should be self-employed or run your business as a limited company.

Attracting more clients? You’ll find lots of valuable information in the Marketing section on topics such as market research, branding and how to leverage social networking.

Finally, we cover a variety of relevant questions and problems in the Professional Issues section. Here you’ll find advice on risk assessment, outcome measurement and data protection.

Setting up a therapy business or expanding an existing practice can be a challenge. But you don’t have to go it alone. Use the Private Practice Hub as your 24/7 business consultant and you can maximise your potential and approach the business of therapy with confidence.

Private Practice Hub is the ultimate resource for private therapy practitioners