Couples Counselling

Couples counselling, Relationship therapy, Marriage counselling, Marital Counselling....... this type of therapy has many names! However you refer to it, if you are unhappy or struggling as a couple, couples counselling could help. The therapist aids communication between you as a couple. We provide a safe, non-judgemental environment in which you can both discuss what you feel is affecting your relationship or holding it back.

How is couples counselling different from individual counselling?

Many couples find this form of therapy beneficial mainly because it's quite different from individual therapy. You might discuss personal issues, if they crop up or are relevant. However, mostly yourselves and the therapist concentrate on how you relate to one another. We look at the building blocks of your relationship and how you can improve empathy and communication. The therapists at Chelmsford Therapy Rooms that offer this type of counselling can help you both assess the situation from many different angles. This assists you to see what change may be needed so you can both improve how you relate to each other and to your relationship.

Will the therapist just sit there and let us argue?

I have heard of this as a technique used. Frankly, I don't see the point. You could both just stay at home and argue! A couples therapist should aim to improve communication and empathy between the couple. Every therapist has their own style and their own approach to therapy. Common techniques include using exercises to help the couple remember how their romance started. We might ask what you liked about each other. What places are special to you both? Do any places hold special memories for you as individuals or as a couple? We allow both parties to have their say in the therapy room. A common symptom that crops up is that one or both parties don't feel heard. The therapist can allow each party to "have their say" in a calm and constructive manner. Your therapist might give you exercises to practise at home. For example, I encourage my clients to write a "love list". This is where each of you write down how your partner has made you feel loved or shown you they love you. This reinforces to the other person how you make them feel. Some couples are surprised at what their other half appreciates!

Do you think Couples Therapy would benefit your relationship? Our therapists are happy to help you! Simply fill in the form on the right or Click HERE for our therapists page. All information is kept completely confidential. All enquiries are viewed by a qualified therapist who will be able to help, even if that's just a chat to find out more.

This blog post was written by owner of Chelmsford Therapy Rooms, counsellor and hypnotherapist Jenny Hartill.

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