Availability and Fees

We understand how important Availability and fees are to our clients. Hopefully we’ll answer some of your questions in this post and if you have any other questions please Contact Us!


This varies depending on the counsellor or hypnotherapist. We have a variety of Counsellors and Hypnotherapists that work at different times. Most importantly, depending on when you need to see someone we have therapists that work during the day, in the evenings and at weekends. Most counsellors and hypnotherapists will do their best to work around you. At Chelmsford Therapy Rooms we have a group of independent therapists to choose from so we’re sure we can find someone to suit you! Availability is shown on our Therapists individual pages – Click Here to see a list of therapists with links to their own pages listing their availability.


Again, this varies depending on the counsellor or hypnotherapist. Some therapists will set a rate depending on the type of client and some therapists have a “flat rate”. Generally, in Chelmsford you’re unlikely to find a fully qualified, insured and supervised therapist charging under £45 per counselling hour. A counselling hour is 50 minutes long (this is standard across the industry).

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